Saint Clare: A comprehensive education that ensures the development of academic, physical, social, and emotional skills.

About our institution


Saint Clare Educational System is an educational institution with more than 64 years of being integral transformers of children and adolescents, with deep Franciscan values. We are a non-profit institution that commits all its efforts in the permanent improvement of its system, to offer the highest academic quality.


We promote integral development based on humanistic principles and Franciscan Spirituality, through an interdisciplinary pedagogical approach.


To be leaders in Costa Rican education, recognized for its humanistic and Franciscan, interdisciplinary and innovative approach.

Our history

Saint Clare begins its functions under the responsibility of the Order School Sisters of Saint Francis, due to the concern of Monsignor Odio and other Costa Ricans to create a bilingual school for girls. It begins in San Vicente de Moravia, with a small group of 42 young ladies.

It became a coeducational school, with the intention of providing not only an excellent academic preparation, but, above all, an integral and deeply humanistic formation.

Spiritual and Christian formation are significant aspects that are part of the heritage of these pioneers.

An innovative and revolutionary pedagogical option began to take shape within the Institution, directed by Mr. Quince Duncan, initially known as SIDEI, and in 1980 it was implemented as a pilot plan called SIPEIN (Acronym for its name in Spanish)

 (Interdisciplinary Pedagogical System), which is still in place today.

The Franciscan Sisters decided to withdraw from the educational activity in the country. For this reason, the Pro-Saint Clare High School Association was organized, composed of parents, alumni, teachers, and administrative staff of the school, to give continuity to the same philosophy, academic plan and symbols.

It is integrated to the Secondary School educational process: Preschool and Elementary School, for which we proceeded to rent facilities at the Santa Monica School located in Montelimar – Goicoechea.

The construction process of the first stage of the new facilities in San Juan de La Unión begins. The above with the purpose of unifying all its sectors in its own facilities.

Inauguration of I Stage facilities: Saint Clare Preschool (children from 3 to 5 years old: Pre-kinder, Kinder and High School). II Stage construction process begins.

Inauguration of II Stage facilities: Saint Clare Primary (I to VI Grade).  Transfer to the facilities in San Juan de La Unión.

Saint Clare Nursery School (children 1.5 years old to 3 years old).

Construction process III Stage begins: Saint Clare Secondary School (7th to 11th grade and PROEI).

Inauguration of secondary school facilities. Integration of all levels in San Juan de La Unión.

Our Values

Guiding Framework: Franciscan Pedagogy

Basic elements that characterize Franciscan pedagogy

• Orthopraxy: Getting it right in educational practice.
• Pedagogy of Tenderness: Learning based on affection, tenderness, and empathy.

Transversal Axes

  1. Educating for Franciscan spirituality.
  2. Environmental culture for sustainable development..
  3. Health education.
  4. Living Human Rights for Democracy and Peace.
  5. Comprehensive sexuality education.
  6. To study social reality through interdisciplinarity.

Our Management Team

Our Board of Directors


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