Our Academic Offering

The secondary sector is the place where our young people receive an integral education, based on values, with excellent support from professionals with human quality and who are an inspiration for our students.

How do we prepare our young people for the demands of society?

Comprehensive Development

We have our own program designed to favor the comprehensive development of our students. Our strength lies in the values and competencies that we address in an interdisciplinary manner and research.

Graduate profile

It is a person with an integral development, who strives to achieve the maximum performance of their abilities, creative, self-taught, interested in research, Christian doctrine, capable of formulating a life project in accordance with personal and social needs and with respect for nature and other human cultures.

High School Student Services Unit

The Secondary Student Services Unit is made up of 5 psychologists. Each psychologist oversees a level or generation that accompanies them from their entry to Seventh grade until their graduation in Eleventh grade.


The general objectives of the psychologist in Secondary are as follows:

  • To provide comprehensive care and support to students by involving the various stakeholders of the educational community
  • To detect and follow up on risk situations in students.
  • To generate improvements in the quality of life of the actors involved in the educational process: students, teachers, and parents.
  • To support the success of the teaching-learning process through teamwork.
  • To provide support and advice to teachers to favor the teaching-learning process and the promotion of students’ integral wellbeing, both individually and as a group.
  • To seek novel strategies in the field of educational psychology that will keep us at the forefront in this area.


These are the areas of work of Secondary psychologists:

  • Psycho-pedagogical support to students
  • Psychological intervention
  • Teamwork with teachers
  • Preventive programs and vocational orientation
  • Teamwork with parents
  • Administrative support


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