Interdisciplinary Pedagogical System (SIPEIN) (Acronym for its name in Spanish)

What is SIPEIN?

SIPEIN as a strategy, practices the integration of different areas of knowledge, through the study and analysis of topics from the approach of different subjects through self-learning, research, development of creativity, Student Community Work, activities in favor of environmental conservation, interdisciplinary, recreational, sports and humanistic activities.


In essence, the SIPEIN (Interdisciplinary Pedagogical System) is based on five fundamental pillars:

SIPEIN Pillars

Does Humanistic and Integral Education make sense?

Some sectors of our society believe that an education of this type is neither important nor profitable, others are primarily concerned with grades, what grades this or that student obtained in the exams, or which institution achieved an outstanding place in the sixth grade or high school tests, and with that criterion they value the quality of education. Others are concerned with the formation of the young person, thinking only of the present.


Saint Clare is an institution that values not only academics, but also gives a special place to the humanistic and integral formation of the students.


Toeffler speaks of the construction of a research-oriented society, a non-massified society, more autonomous in terms of the mastery of information, a more personalized and free education.

Meanwhile, traditional education with emphasis only on academics focuses its attention on a reduced portion of reality.


Integral education empowers man to face the great challenges of human existence, in its individual and social dimension. It enables the acquisition of attitudes and convictions to “know how to live”, to exercise freedom. The fundamental purpose of education is no longer to accumulate knowledge, but to teach to think, to correct oneself, to exercise power and freedom, to have a scientific vision of the world from which man harmonizes with nature and the world of norms, values, and virtues, to develop his or her own spirituality.


Saint Clare is concerned about the integral formation of the students; that is why the academic aspect does not exhaust the institutional efforts but pays great attention to the human and integral formation of the students. In fact, some examples serve to concretize what has been written. Research as a tool of SIPEIN is recognized by the alumni as a very important element of their formation.


But in addition to academics, Saint Clare students have a high degree of participation in the extracurricular activities of the Institution. The young people participate in experiences such as Electives Subjects, Clubs, Student Community Work, Creativities, Didactic school trips, the Festival, Student Organization, etc.


The SIPEIN in a philosophical approach that makes clear the importance of integral formation. If we consider that this was initiated in the school at the end of the seventies, we can affirm that this vision is not new, it is not a fashion, it is a vision of the world that we want to promote in the students. The SIPEIN in its basic elements allows to be the answer for this integral and humanistic formation.


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